Friday, 27 November 2009

Bob Breen Academy - 24.11.09

Hi Guys

This week we made good progress and everyone seems to be picking the material up pretty quickly.

The beginners continued with the basic program and many of you were able to complete the open to closed Kob Kob drill. As a result of this I took you through the 10 count drill which helps you to understand why you need to be able to do this. That 1st video is shown below.

For the intermediate and advanced students, we went back to the the Lacoste 6 count - Heaven 6. Here, we examined changing the first strike from heaven six and replacing it with something else. Obviously what would be appropriate in each situation would vary, but the drilling gives you variations and dexterity in different situations. The ones we covered in class were:

  1. downwards X
  2. Bacalau
  3. high abenico
  4. low abenico

You may remember that in terms of the variations, you can use them at the following places:

  • as the first strike then completing the 5 remaining strikes form the drill or;
  • as the first AND the fourth strike so you are then able to do it on both sides

Finally, we experimented with mixing up the variations at the first and fourth strikes, for example:

  1. bacalau and low abenico
  2. X and high abenico
  3. low abenico and X

Please note that there are many variations buit these are just some of the ones we covered.

The video below summarises the drills in action. Thanks to Black Belt Jamie Hutchins for his assistance. Enjoy!

Finally, as a little treat, here is a short clip of Guro Breen in action on Tuesday before my class, killing the packed class with conditioning!!! Hehehe!

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Hutch said...

Hi Guro D, any chance that I can get a copy of those two vids to place on my own blog for the kids class? We're heading back into sticks in the new year and Lloyd and I want to start formalising the syllabus a little.