Thursday, 5 November 2009

Bob Breen Academy - 3.11.09

Hi Guys.

This week, we switched from single stick to the double stick emphasis. Due to a technical hitch I will sort out the video probably next week.

For the beginners, the basic double stick program (which I suggest you print out) is:

  1. Open Kob Kob
  2. Closed Kob Kob
  3. Open to closed Kob Kob
  4. Downwards X (angles 1 & 2)
  5. 3 count entry (high forehand, low backhand, high backhand)
  6. Combination of 1-5 in any order

For the intermediates, the basics are:

  1. Lacoste 6 count - heaven 6
  2. Lacoste 8 count - high, low, back hand, back hand
  3. Lacoste 10 count - 1st 2 strikes from open Kob Kob into heaven 3
  4. Lacoste 12 count - 1st 2 strikes from open Kob Kob into angle 1/high abenico (same stick), followed by double backhand (alternative sticks)

Please remember your stance and posture and to keep your hands back between each strike to avoid losing the use of your hand!!

For the Black Belts we covered:

  1. Nos 1-4 as per the intermediates
  2. Villabrille 8 count
  3. Gunting series using the following feeding patterns - Right hand, left hand, alternate hands
  4. 5 count sombrada - basic and then using 'lin sil dar' type approach when being fed with various strikes

Train hard & Enjoy

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