Friday, 17 December 2010

CFS Promotion - 20.11.10 - Suleyman Cetin

Congratulations to longstanding CFS student Suleyman Cetin who was promoted to the level of Trainee Instructor in the Filipino Martial Arts after completing Phases 1-3 of the curriculum. Not an easy task as those already on the program will attest to.

He is now looking forward to honing and sharpening his skill by starting a small group in Bradford whilst remaining on the program.

Congrats again to a very humble and dedicated student

CFS Italy - Promotion - Dec 2010

Congratulations to Fabio Pampana who was promoted to apprentice instructor level 1 in the Jun Fan arts as well as the Filipino Martial arts. He had been a trainee for over 3 years and was ready to take on the next challenge. An excellent ambassador for CFS and a dedicated instructor.

Anybody in the Florence area looking to train can check him out. Details are to be found in the instructor section at

CFS BJJ Promotions - 13.12.10

Congratulations are due to both Corey 'Doninho' Donoghue and to Jesus Lopez who after extensive periods of hard training, dedication and skill were awarded their Purple and Blue Belts respectively.

Corey is the first person to be awarded his Purple Belt by me and therefore it was also a great day for me too.

Corey and Jesus look forward to testing their belts out on the competiton circuit!