Wednesday, 18 November 2009

CFS Promotions

First of all I wish to offer congratulations to CFS Instructor Gary Hoptroff of Herts Martial Arts who has succesfully completed his Apprentice Instructor level 2 and is now an Apprentice Instructor level 3 (year 1) in the Jun Fan Arts and also the Filipino Martial Arts (which are certified completely separately).

Gary is an excellent student, and his progress has been noticeable over time. This can also be seen via the development of his own students. Gary is also an Instructor under Sifu Rick Faye and a representative of the Minesota Kali group.

Secondly I offer congratulations to Carl Greenidge who I promoted yesterday to Trainee Instructor in both the Jun Fan Arts and the Filipino Martial Arts. Carl is a very good martial artist with over 20 years of training under his belt. I first met him in the late 80s when training under Sifu Stan Brown in Lau Gar and WAKO kickboxing and we have been in touch ever since. I taught him some Wing Chun and introduced him to the Bob Breen Academy nearly 9 years ago. He also took and passed the infamous Academy Black Belt test. He now teaches at the Bob Breen Academy at 'The Space'.
Getting on to the CFS instructor program is not easy at any level and he joins the 10 other active Instructors.

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