Wednesday, 31 October 2012

NEW CFS BJJ Clothing....

Hey Guys,

I'm really excited as I've been working behind the scenes with my fantastic sponsors TATAMI FIGHTWEAR and their sister company ARMOURTECH to design and produce some clothing for our group

We will shortly have the following:

T shirts and

Below is the mock up design for the rashguards - all early feed back is great!!
It will have both the CFS and new De La Riva logo on it too!

The hoodies will come in 2 colours. Black and Graphite. The quality is excellent featuring:

High density waffle lined hood

-Chunky drawcord
-Fully zipped front

-Front pocket

-Ipod pocket   it will have a smaller CFS logo on the front with a larger one on the back. The look of the hoodie can be found on the tatami website hoodie section  - the red monogram hoodie.   T shirts are still being designed.   I am told that everything will be available for the seminar/grading on Sunday 25th November with Prof David Jacobs. We will also have CFS patches available. If you don't have yours already...why not?!!       Price list   Rashguards  - £30.00 - same standard as current IBJJF Tatamifightwear rashguards.   Hoodies - £30.00   T-shirts - TBC   Patches - £15 - for set of 3 - 10cm/15cm/22cm - lapel, trouser and back         Orders   All previous merchandise has always sold out and I expect the same with the new stuff. It is  available on a first come first served basis. I have tried to cater for all sizes including the ladies but numbers in all sizes are limited because I am not running a store and even though our group is expanding I cannot afford to 'over' order.   I therefore advise you to come prepared on 25.11.12 as you may not get a second chance :)

Friday, 26 October 2012

Semi-Final Fight - ABSOLUTE DIVISION - European Championships 2009 - Brown Belt - Senior 2

Whilst I am in the rare mood of posting some of my fights, below is my semi final fight in the absolute division in 2009. I fought Ake Zaar of Hilti BJJ. He was a super heavyweight who had no opponents in his division and therefore decided to cause havoc in the open class which he did.

It was an interesting fight. I suspected he would pull guard and so adopted the appropriate strategy. I wasn't doing too badly almost passing his guard but he eventually got the mount ad choked me out with?........Wait for it.........his chest!!

His chest was so big and wide he flattened my nose until I could not breath and that was that. It was a good job I had already won my division  ;)


Tuesday, 23 October 2012

CFS BJJ - October 2012 - Video techniques of the month - Pro Leo Specterow - 4th Degree Blackbelt - De La Riva Jiujitsu

Ok Guys,

As you know, I am extremely fortunate to have trained with some of the best martial artists in the world. For some reason, these humble people always seem happy to share their knowledge with me and those interested in what we do.

Here we have 2 videos from prof Leo Specterow from Brazil. He is such a nice guy. Very humble but extremely deadly. He is a professional bodyguard and security advisor to the stars as well as teaching the gentle art of Jiujitsu.

Tune in again next month when we will have some more from Master De La Riva himself :)


Video 2

Monday, 22 October 2012

London Open & European No-Gi Championships - 20/21st October 2012

Ok guys. Update for the weekend.

 The CFS BJJ team this weekend consisted of fighters from HQ. Steve Payne took Gold (no other fighters) in his division and bronze in the absolute after 2 fights. Hamza took Gold (no other fighters) in juvenile division. They both fought in the London open yesterday.

 Today Darren Owen took Silver in the blue master division. Fought bravely but got submitted via arm bar. Corey took Silver fighting in the final with a freshly damaged rib which was just too much to overcome. I took bronze winning my first fight and then losing my second fight to a good Brazilian. I tore my hamstring on Wednesday and so I was just grateful to be able to fight. We want to thank everyone for their support and best wishes as without you it would all be meaningless. Thanks again