Wednesday, 11 November 2009

BJJ Technique of the month - November 2009

This month the techniques are performed by Ricardo Vieira Blackbelt, Eduard Azevedo. Eduardo is a representative of Checkmat and is currently teaching in Canary Wharf at the diesel gym.

Last weekend, he won the Middleweight Gold in the Adult Elite division of the British No-Gi championships. Also in October of this year, he took Gold in his division at the Scandinavian open.

This month we look at  submissions from the mount. In the first video below, Eduardo is mounted on me. I try to avoid a submission by clasping both my hands around his waist/back to keep him low. He then raises his left leg and pushes on my face. This breaks my grip and he then steps over to his right to secure the Omoplata finish

In this second video, Eduardo executes a basic arm bar from the mount. As he settles into the arm bar, I defend by clasping my arms. He then posts and pulls his foot up to my throat and then executes a Gogoplata from the top position

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