Thursday, 5 November 2009

Alan 'Finfou' Nasciemento is coming to London. 10.11.09 - 25.11.09

Hey Guys!!

Great news - World Class BJJ Ricardo Vieira Blackbelt is coming back to London courtesy of the London Fight Factory.

Finfou is a really nice guy and one of the best in the World in the Middle and Middle Heavy division. He has been European Champion 2 or 3 times and has placed in the top 3 in the Mundials.

Every time he is in London I get to train privately with him and this time will be no exception. If you want to arrange to train with him, feel free to contact Luiz at the LFF on 07944 574046.

As a side note - isn't life funny. Alan and I have many things in common:

  • we are both black
  • we both study BJJ
  • we are both good looking (shut it!!!)
  • we are both roughly the same weight
  • we fight for the same team and have the same head teacher

BUT our skill levels are a WORLD apart - Hehehehehe!

Oh well, at least I'm funnier - Right?!!!



Meerkatsu said...

What does Finfou his nickname mean?

David Onuma - Combined Fighting Systems said...

Good Question sir. Here is the answer from him inhis own words from an interview by OTM in 2005
"Finfou- We have a kids' game in 'the favela where when all kids we were together, when someone screamed 'finfou!' and all the kids would stop, without any movement. Whoever moved should be punished by slaps on the back. I'm a guy who loves smiles and joking with people, so I was always slapped on the back. Even after this kids game; I kept on smiling. "