Thursday, 29 April 2010

MMA Training - Mill Hill combat & conditioning - 18.4.10

As some of you guys may know, I have a very long association with BJJ Black Belt Nick Brooks and his Academy based in Mill Hill.

I am honoured to be their MMA coach and the journey to success from humble beginnings has begun.

On Sunday 18th we had our first clinic and (as promised) I set out below the things that we covered.

Basic Stance/Posture:

  • For MMA
  • Long range striking
  • Close range striking
  • Wrestling base
  • pros and cons of each
  • Ability to adapt physially and mentally

Basic Footwork:

  • Positioning of the feet - keeping the right distance
  • Directions of movement - left/right/front/back & pad circling
  • single steps/shuffle
  • double steps/shuffle
  • Single complete steps - forward and backwards
  • knee raises/bounces - vertical, outside crush and cross crush

CFS Progression No 1:

  1. jab
  2. double jab
  3. jab, cross
  4. double jab, cross
  5. jab, cross, hook
  6. cross, hook, cross
  7. (slip) hook, cross, hook

Sunday, 4 April 2010

BJJ Techniques of the month - April Madness

Hey guys

Seasons greetings to you all. Unfortunately, I was not able to put up BJJ techniques in February or March, so I am kicking off April with a host of techniques to make up for it. I don't think you will be disappointed. Performing some techniques and helping me with mine is Alliance BJJ Representative Miad Najafi, who is a very well respected Brown Belt (From Ricardo Vieira), living and teaching in Brighton. He recently returned from Atlanta where he trained with the Alliance team and in particular Cobrinha. He is a versatile martial artist with a background in JKD & Kali (Black belt), trained in wrestling, a former amateur boxer and versed in MMA. His website can be accessed via the links section on this blog.

In this series we cover attacks from the back, sweeps from half guard and some techniques from spider guard. Please enjoy and as always feel free to comment

Attack from the back - the detail is what is all important

The same technique shown again one more time

A nice sweep from half guard shown here

A similar sweep from half guard in response to the legs being crushed prior to an attempted guard pass

Here Miad demonstrates an Omoplatta attack from spider guard

Here i demonstrate another way to attack the omoplatta from the spider guard followed by a way to take the back from the same guard