Tuesday, 29 November 2011


On Sunday 27th November 2011, the CFS BJJ group got together for our Bi-Annual seminar/Grading. It was very well attended by all the groups which included; HQ;Bournemouth, Manchester, Barnet, Chingford & Letchworth.

Guest Instructors included Black Belt Nick Brooks, Black Belt Keith Mckenzie; Strength & Conditioning Guro Andrew Marshall and Brown Belt and no-gi expert Daniel Strauss.

Congratulations to all those whose efforts were rewarded with grades and stripes and the standard of the group as a whole continues to grow steadily.

Current Grades (of those graded):

Andrew Nugent - Brown Belt - 3 stripes
Alan Dillon - Blue Belt 1 stripe
Matt Mcguire - Blue Belt - 3 stripes
Andy Bell - Blue Belt - 3 stripes
Paul Hill - BLUE BELT
Lee Curtis - BLUE BELT
Richard Halliwell - BLUE BELT
Gerald Balk - White Belt - 1 stripe
Charles Balk - White Belt - 2 stripes
Greg Woods - White Belt - 1 stripe
Shareef Essof - White Belt - 4 stripes
Yusef Chaudhri - White Belt - 2 stripes
Gillie Barrett - White belt - 2 stripes
Humza Hussain - White Belt - 2 stripes
Lewis Renney - White Belt - 2 stripes
David Kelly - White Belt - 1 stripe
Stephen Adams - White belt - 4 stripes
Matt Dennis - White Belt - 1 stripe

It really was a pleasure and an honour to see you all and to play a part in the development of your BJJ. We have a really special group which is growing stronger all the time.


19.11.11 - No-Gi Workshop at Alliance BJJ Brighton & Immaculate Clothing

On Saturday 19th November, I headed off to Alliance BJJ in Brighton to share some No-gi BJJ with my long time friend and training partner Miad Najafi. The workshop was held at ZT fightskool in Hove. There was a good turnout and we had a good session ending with the customary roll!!

I was also able to collect my hot off the press t-shirts from Miad, who has just launched his unqique clothing company. Check him out at www.immaculateclothing.com