Friday, 27 November 2009

Bob Breen Academy - 24.11.09

Hi Guys

This week we made good progress and everyone seems to be picking the material up pretty quickly.

The beginners continued with the basic program and many of you were able to complete the open to closed Kob Kob drill. As a result of this I took you through the 10 count drill which helps you to understand why you need to be able to do this. That 1st video is shown below.

For the intermediate and advanced students, we went back to the the Lacoste 6 count - Heaven 6. Here, we examined changing the first strike from heaven six and replacing it with something else. Obviously what would be appropriate in each situation would vary, but the drilling gives you variations and dexterity in different situations. The ones we covered in class were:

  1. downwards X
  2. Bacalau
  3. high abenico
  4. low abenico

You may remember that in terms of the variations, you can use them at the following places:

  • as the first strike then completing the 5 remaining strikes form the drill or;
  • as the first AND the fourth strike so you are then able to do it on both sides

Finally, we experimented with mixing up the variations at the first and fourth strikes, for example:

  1. bacalau and low abenico
  2. X and high abenico
  3. low abenico and X

Please note that there are many variations buit these are just some of the ones we covered.

The video below summarises the drills in action. Thanks to Black Belt Jamie Hutchins for his assistance. Enjoy!

Finally, as a little treat, here is a short clip of Guro Breen in action on Tuesday before my class, killing the packed class with conditioning!!! Hehehe!

Thursday, 19 November 2009

How many BJJ Black Belts have you trained with?

I was thinking about this the other day and decided that i would put pen to paper. When I'd finished I realised how lucky I have been but also how much better I should be given the people I have trained with.

On this list, I have ONLY included the people that I have personally trained with, by that I mean:In a private or semi-private class; in a regular group class, and certainly on more than one occasion.

I have NOT included those I only trained with at an open seminar. I also want to thank them all for their help in the development of my BJJ, since the journey started in 1998.Here's my list (in no particular order).

What about you guys?


Wednesday, 18 November 2009

CFS Promotions

First of all I wish to offer congratulations to CFS Instructor Gary Hoptroff of Herts Martial Arts who has succesfully completed his Apprentice Instructor level 2 and is now an Apprentice Instructor level 3 (year 1) in the Jun Fan Arts and also the Filipino Martial Arts (which are certified completely separately).

Gary is an excellent student, and his progress has been noticeable over time. This can also be seen via the development of his own students. Gary is also an Instructor under Sifu Rick Faye and a representative of the Minesota Kali group.

Secondly I offer congratulations to Carl Greenidge who I promoted yesterday to Trainee Instructor in both the Jun Fan Arts and the Filipino Martial Arts. Carl is a very good martial artist with over 20 years of training under his belt. I first met him in the late 80s when training under Sifu Stan Brown in Lau Gar and WAKO kickboxing and we have been in touch ever since. I taught him some Wing Chun and introduced him to the Bob Breen Academy nearly 9 years ago. He also took and passed the infamous Academy Black Belt test. He now teaches at the Bob Breen Academy at 'The Space'.
Getting on to the CFS instructor program is not easy at any level and he joins the 10 other active Instructors.

For full details of the other instructors, please go to


Bob Breen Academy - 17.11.09

OK Guys,

What a great turnout last night with close to 50 people training. Here is a review of what was covered.


The complete 'newbies' covered open and closed Kob Kob, downwards half X and 3 count entry.
The others covered open Kob Kob to closed Kob and added in the rest of the basic package.


You covered 6,8,10 and 12 count. You then went on to the first stages of 3 count Sombrada with double stick by isolating roof block, inside sweep and then low wing. Next week, you will do the drill as a whole.


You continued with the development of 5 count sombrada and using different methods of dealing with various angles but managing to maintain the flow of the drill. We did the following:

  1. Angle 1 - block and stab (angle 5) - KDL method
  2. Angle 1 - block and upwards strike to other hand - KDL method
  3. Angle 1 - gunting and angle 2 strike - Lacoste
  4. Angle 4 - simultaneous strike to hand and head (like Gaan sau) - KDL method
  5. Angle 5 - as per angle 4
  6. Angle 3 - as per angle 4/5 but in the opposite direction

The previous reports have the video material containing ALL the beginner and intermediate material so continue to refer to that. As for the advanced stuff, the material is not going to be available in video on this blog :)


Thursday, 12 November 2009

Me stickfighting with Carl Jackson - 2008

Carl and I stick sparring at the Bob Breen Academy last year. Sorry about the poor quality but it was great fun. Carl has got a lot better since and picked up some national and international medals since....hmmm...I could be in trouble now.........maybe...... :)

BJJ - How to do it properly by Andre Galvao - Blackbelt World Champion

Uploaded by storylords. - Discover the latest sports and extreme videos.

This is just fantastic - I move a lot like this when I fight but the only problem is that it doesn't seem the same when I wake up..Hehehehehe - Enjoy!!

BJJ - Finfou in action in the 2008 Euros

Just to give you a taste of the man if you have never seen him in action

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

BJJ Technique of the month - November 2009

This month the techniques are performed by Ricardo Vieira Blackbelt, Eduard Azevedo. Eduardo is a representative of Checkmat and is currently teaching in Canary Wharf at the diesel gym.

Last weekend, he won the Middleweight Gold in the Adult Elite division of the British No-Gi championships. Also in October of this year, he took Gold in his division at the Scandinavian open.

This month we look at  submissions from the mount. In the first video below, Eduardo is mounted on me. I try to avoid a submission by clasping both my hands around his waist/back to keep him low. He then raises his left leg and pushes on my face. This breaks my grip and he then steps over to his right to secure the Omoplata finish

In this second video, Eduardo executes a basic arm bar from the mount. As he settles into the arm bar, I defend by clasping my arms. He then posts and pulls his foot up to my throat and then executes a Gogoplata from the top position

Bob Breen Academy -10.11.09

Ok Guys, as promised last week, I managed to film the current material we are working on to help supplement your training. This week I am helped out by Guro Bob Breen Black belts Carl Jackson and Carl Greenidge.

The first video below covers the basic double stick package

The second video below covers the intermediate material as described last week, 6 count, 8 count, 10 count and 12 count from the Lacoste system.

This video covered the 5 count sombrada with the double stick. We also looked at how to isolate one of the angle with a simultaneous block and attack, but still manage to flow within the drill

The group gets stronger and better!!!

Monday, 9 November 2009

British Stickfighting Champion Carl Jackson - 8.11.09

Congratulations to Carl Jackson who fought in the WEKAF British stickfighting championships on 8.11.09. Fresh from his recent Silver medal success in both Single and Double stick in the European Championships, this weekend, he took GOLD in the double stick and Silver in the single stick.

Great effort from the CFS and BBA Instructor

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Alan 'Finfou' Nasciemento is coming to London. 10.11.09 - 25.11.09

Hey Guys!!

Great news - World Class BJJ Ricardo Vieira Blackbelt is coming back to London courtesy of the London Fight Factory.

Finfou is a really nice guy and one of the best in the World in the Middle and Middle Heavy division. He has been European Champion 2 or 3 times and has placed in the top 3 in the Mundials.

Every time he is in London I get to train privately with him and this time will be no exception. If you want to arrange to train with him, feel free to contact Luiz at the LFF on 07944 574046.

As a side note - isn't life funny. Alan and I have many things in common:

  • we are both black
  • we both study BJJ
  • we are both good looking (shut it!!!)
  • we are both roughly the same weight
  • we fight for the same team and have the same head teacher

BUT our skill levels are a WORLD apart - Hehehehehe!

Oh well, at least I'm funnier - Right?!!!


Bob Breen Academy - 3.11.09

Hi Guys.

This week, we switched from single stick to the double stick emphasis. Due to a technical hitch I will sort out the video probably next week.

For the beginners, the basic double stick program (which I suggest you print out) is:

  1. Open Kob Kob
  2. Closed Kob Kob
  3. Open to closed Kob Kob
  4. Downwards X (angles 1 & 2)
  5. 3 count entry (high forehand, low backhand, high backhand)
  6. Combination of 1-5 in any order

For the intermediates, the basics are:

  1. Lacoste 6 count - heaven 6
  2. Lacoste 8 count - high, low, back hand, back hand
  3. Lacoste 10 count - 1st 2 strikes from open Kob Kob into heaven 3
  4. Lacoste 12 count - 1st 2 strikes from open Kob Kob into angle 1/high abenico (same stick), followed by double backhand (alternative sticks)

Please remember your stance and posture and to keep your hands back between each strike to avoid losing the use of your hand!!

For the Black Belts we covered:

  1. Nos 1-4 as per the intermediates
  2. Villabrille 8 count
  3. Gunting series using the following feeding patterns - Right hand, left hand, alternate hands
  4. 5 count sombrada - basic and then using 'lin sil dar' type approach when being fed with various strikes

Train hard & Enjoy

Monday, 2 November 2009

Happy 60th Birthday Guro Bob Breen

On Friday 30th October, my principal martial arts instructor since 1996, Guro Bob Breen , turned 60 years of age. A fantastic milestone by anyone's standards. Life is something to be cherished and never taken for granted.

His life so far has been once of achievement. His reputation and skill is legendary and he is the main reason that Guro Dan Inosanto is well known in the UK as he was the first person to bring Guro Dan to these shores close to 30 years ago.

If people really knew how far his 'hands' have spread in the UK Martial arts community in particular, they would be surprised. Many Filipino and JKD style martial artists who are now well known were at some point trained by Guro Bob or can at least trace their roots back to his lineage. Whilst you may not hear alot about it, those that know, are aware of his influence on the grappling and MMA scene. For example, in the late eighties and early nineties, he brought over people like Marc Mcfann, Larry Hartsell and then went on to bring John Machado and MMA supremo Sensei Erik Paulson. It was only health issues that limited his own personal grappling growth but that never stopped him hitting the mats.

Even when I took my Black belt under him in 1997, grappling was part of the syllabus and the extremely hard test.

Above is a picture taken of Guro and I in spain in 2000. Guro had gone to teach a seminar for Justo Diegez of KFM. I was fortunate to travel with him as his assistant. We were by the pool and engaged in some no armour padded stick fighting before lunch. It was an experience I will never forget and I confess it took my stick fighting to another level. Quite simply, using his skill, timing and accuracy, he beat my hands to death in such a way that quite apart from no longer being able to hold the stick any more, my hands were so swollen that I had to be fed my lunch as I could not eat myself.

I take this opportunity to wish Guro Breen all my best and thank him for the time he has invested in me.

Happy Birthday Guro!!!

November News

Hi Guys.

November is going to be a very busy month for me (but every month usually is :) ).

This month, I hope to carry out the following for you:

  1. video technique of the month - BJJ
  2. video technique of the month - Combat Submission Wrestling/ MMA
  3. Video & written material covered in the Bob Breen Academy classes
  4. Any other interesting news

Take care

Nick Brooks - BJJ Blackbelt under Roger Gracie - 31.10.09

What a great way to start the month. My good friend and training partner Nick Brooks, the owner of Mill Hill Combat and conditioning academy has been awarded his Black belt in BJJ by Professor Roger Gracie.

I am over the moon for him and wish him continued success and growth for him and his academy