Sunday, 10 June 2012

Video Technique of the month - June 2012 - Mestre Ricardo De La Riva

Hey Guys,

Here is the first video technique as promised. Thanks again to the Mestre for being so generous with his knowledge (I really didn't want him to show this stuff.....It's just too good :)  )

CFS BJJ - Bi-Annual Seminar/Grading - Sunday 10th June 2012

We had a good turnout today from our various academies, even though unfortunately there were some people who couldn't attend for various reasons.

Nevertheless, we had great fun with the positions being taught by Bruce lee, sorry I mean Prof Nick Brooks and myself.

Nick taught a couple of very nice sweeps from half-guard and I taught some attacks from the closed guard with the emphasis on how to set up and maintain the neck/collar control.

We then followed with a Q & A session, with questions being asked about countering the arm drag from the guard; attacks from the turtle position and attacks from side control.

We were all in high spirits following our recent competition successes:

Anna Mayne took GOLD in Purple lightweight and the absolute division at the British open a few weeks ago, and then mirrored the same results at the London open on 2nd June 2012. Oustanding!!

Other results from the London open included GOLD for Darren Owen, white belt masters and Richard Lee, Silver in the same division.
Michael Carroll took Bronze in his division in the purple belt as did Matt McGuire also in his purple belt division. Lewis Remney took Silver in his white belt division and last but not least, Purple Belt Carol Fan took GOLD in the Grapplers showdown under 60kg Division.

Great results all round and I am very proud of the group and all the instructors.


There were some very well deserved promotions today as follows

Anna Mayne - BROWN BELT
Jay Cahill -      PURPLE BELT
Darren Owen  BLUE BELT

The following received stripes on their belts and they are now as follows:

Martyn Cahill - Brown 3 stripes
Matt McGuire - Blue 4 stripes
Lewis Remney  White 3 stripes
Matt Dennis -    White 2 stripes

                                                         The Crew

                          Black Belts - David Onuma, Andy Nugent & Nick Brooks

                                                                Jay Cahill

                                                        Anna Mayne
                                                        Darren Owen
                                              Liam Wandi - The Part Time Grappler
                                                       Gary Baker

                                                 The Chosen Ones :)
                                        The Crew again.........and Bruce :)

See you on the mats.

'Intelligent Combat'

Andy Nugent - Promotion to Black Belt by Mestre Dela Riva - 28.5.12

A great day and fantastic achievement.

The pics are up on our facebook page but here is a short video clip

Intelligent combat