Wednesday, 28 July 2010

BJJ Drilling - 26.7.10

The first drill is one I use when I have managed to pass the guard but my opponent is shrimping away and pushing on my head. I react by posting off my head which is on the floor and hopping over to the other side. This can be done continuously for a minute or so or simply by the numbers

The second drill is practicing 'floating' from side to side keeping knee contact. I normally do this on a grappling dummy or heavy bag on the floor. The idea is to be able to react to the movement underneath and then adjust. This can then lead to submission openings etc without losing the control

Intelligent combat

Monday, 26 July 2010

Promotion to Senior Associate Level 2- FMA & Jun Fan/JKD - July 2010

This month saw the completion of 11 years as an Instructor under Magulang Na Guro/Sifu Dan on the following martial arts programs:

  • Jun Fan Gung Fu & Jeet Kune Do
  • Filipino Martial arts
  • Maphilindo Silat

I am currently Guro Level 2 in the Silat program and as of this month I was promoted to Senior Associate Level 2 in the Jun Fan and Filipino arts.

It remains one of my greatest martial arts achievements and honours to be a student of Guro and as always I will do my best to be the best student that I can be.

Thnak you to all who share my Journey :)

BJJ in Bournmouth - 24.7.10

A great session with the group down there which is getting bigger, better and stronger. A great all round gym headed by Gary Baker and well on the way to becoming affiliated to CFS BJJ.
We covered the complete beginners standup program together with maintaining side control.
There was the mandatory rolling for 45 mins or so at the end and the standard was good and improving. Thanks to Corey for his help

World Stickfighting Championships Mexico 2010 - Silver Medal

I would like to offer my congratulations to CFS and Bob Breen academy Blackbelt Carl Jackson for his Silver medal in the single stick section of the WEKAF World Championships in Mexico this weekend gone. We were of course aiming for the Gold but his achievement was nothing short of excellent and we are all proud of him.

Photos when they become available

MMA Training - 20.7.10

In the last session, the focus was on clinch work and striking/defending striking in the clinch.

Warm ups:

  1. wrist pummeling
  2. elbow control
  3. chest pummeling
  4. neck control


  1. person A seeks the takedown whilst person B can only defend with strikes (punches only)
  2. person A strikes with punches only whilst person B can only clinch and seek the takedown
  3. person A has their back against the cage defending the takedown
  4. person A has their back against the wall defending the takedown with strikes only
  5. person A has their back against the wall defending strikes and takedown with clinch defence only
  6. persons A and B try to strike and takedown against each other off the wall and then on the wall trying to reverse their partner when able


In order to develop the use of your legs on the floor, the person in the guard could only use their legs to defend and control whilst the person in their guard could only strike

'Intelligent Combat'

Monday, 19 July 2010

Sunday Training - 18.7.10

What a great way to spend a morning!!!

I had great training with Jesus, Oya and my good friend and old training classmate Miad Najafi of Alliance BJJ in Brighton

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Conditioning training

My conditioning coach Android Andrew Marshall has really made a difference to my training.

This is a vid of some of the stuff he makes me do 2 times a week but NO 2 sessions are ever the same :)

MMA Training - 13.7.10

Another great session and good turnout. This week we covered some of the striking techniques and strategies as found in the Filipino Martial Arts (Panantukan) that are able to be utilised in MMA.

We covered:

  1. Jab catch drill - basic
  2. into the cross
  3. catching the jab
  4. parrying the cross
  5. catching the jab and cross leaving a free hand

We also carried out the continuous jab cross drill with the power emphasis on the first and fourth strike........the sound was...........boom tap tap boom tap tap boom tap tap etc

The vid below is that particular drill being practiced. Enjoy!!

CFS Training - July 2010

A couple of vids showing some of the empty hands and weaponry training - Good Work!

Friday, 2 July 2010

MMA Training - Mill Hill CCA - 29.6.10

Good training session - Worked on some clinch work and striking from the clinch. Also trained some ground work with one person only allowed tot try to submit from guard whilst his opponent could only strike to the body.

Enjoy the vids