Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Submission 1000 - 2nd July 2011

Here is the latest from Lockdown FC.......Here we go again!!

PRESS RELEASE 27th April 2011Lockdown Fighting Championships announce the second MMA and nogi grappling event - July 2nd, Liquid & Envy Nightclub, Stevenage. Tickets on sale soon.The eight fighters who have been chosen to take part in the Submission 1000 nogi grappling event for the prize of £2000 are:Daniel Strauss -Roger Gracie purple belt - defending his title as winner of the first Submission 1000.Henrique Santana - BJJ black belt Michael Russell - Zaid Mirza BJJ Black beltClaudio Henrique Da Silva - Checkmat BJJ black belt, Chico Mendes - Checkmat BJJ Black belt ,Oli Geddes - Roger Gracie BJJ Brown belt, Kenny Baker - SBG BJJ brown belt, Liam Corrigan - submission and MMA fighter from Leicester Shootfighters. This promises to be an spectacular mix of styles and action with some of the best grapplers in the UK right now.Stay tuned for further info on tickets on the Lockdown Fc website:

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Carl Jackson - April 2011 - British Single stick champion - Again!

CFS Associate Instructor Guro Carl Jackson did it again in a fine display of Filipino Stick. A credit to himself and the CFS fight team

Daniel Strauss - Lockdown submission 1000

A video of Dan's first fight against Black Belt Marcos Nardini

De La Riva UK Trip Round up - 12.4.11

Wow!!! My head is still buzzing!! What a week. As you guys know, 6th Degree Black Belt Master Ricardo De La Riva came to the UK to share his knowledge with us for a week. The week went all too quickly and he returned to Brazil today with his student 4th Degree Blackbelt Marcello Vanusa. The Master was hosted by Roger Gracie Black belt Nick Brooks and myself, and indeed it was only because of his very close relationship with Nick that he agreed to come over. He taught a series of daytime and evening classes at Mill hill BJJ as well as the 2 seminars on the 9th & 10th April 2011. Some pracitioners were lucky enough to get private classes from him and i'm sure the lessons everyone learnt will stick with them for a long long time. Whilst here he was interviewed by the UK's newest specialist Martial Arts/BJJ publication Jiujitsu Style and I know that he will appear in that magazine in due course. In addition, I filmed a series of techniques with him as well as a series of techniques with Marcello Vanusa which will appear on my blog once edited etc. Look out for them because they contain some really really nice and new stuff including his 'new' variation of the DLR guard which was adjusted to counter peoples knowledge of the guard and how to counter it. Last night he gave a class at a packed Mill Hill BJJ, which was then followed by the mandatory rolling. During his trip I got to roll with many different people of all levels and that was great fun. It was good to see BJJ School's own Leoni Munslow and a roll with her showed why she is one of the best in the UK in her division. I want to thank Nick for agreeing to share the experience with me as well as the DLR BJJ he has been studying for some considerable time both here and in Brazil. David Soares for all his translation help and everyone else involved in his trip behind the scenes. If any one is interested in learning more about Master De La Riva's approach to BJJ, feel free to contact Nick Brooks or me. As I say guys.....Watch this space :)

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Professor Ricardo De La Riva - 7.4.11

I had the opportunity to train with Master De La Riva today for the first time and also with his 4th Degree Blackbelt student Marcello. Both of them are extremely humble and very friendly guys with a great sense of humour. There is even a rumour that they are both Justin Bieber fans but I say nothing at risk of death by strangulation, manipulation and anything else they can come up with.

Fortunately he has great taste in Kimonos!

Today was a great session on half guard with the attention to detail being of the highest level.

He will be teaching the normal classes at Mill hill BJJ tonight, tomorrow lunchtime and maybe tomorrow evening. If you are a non member and wish to go, then show up (mat space willing) and the class will on be £10 for non members! Can you afford not to go.

Looking forward to my early morning daily class with him starting tomorrow as well as the seminars on Saturday & Sunday