Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Bob Breen Academy -10.11.09

Ok Guys, as promised last week, I managed to film the current material we are working on to help supplement your training. This week I am helped out by Guro Bob Breen Black belts Carl Jackson and Carl Greenidge.

The first video below covers the basic double stick package

The second video below covers the intermediate material as described last week, 6 count, 8 count, 10 count and 12 count from the Lacoste system.

This video covered the 5 count sombrada with the double stick. We also looked at how to isolate one of the angle with a simultaneous block and attack, but still manage to flow within the drill

The group gets stronger and better!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Guro,

I'm loving the blog, it's a great resource to supplement my training and refer back to things when my notes alone aren't enough.

Thanks for the videos and notes!

See you in training Guro,
Suleyman Cetin

Anonymous said...

Hi Guru,

I've trained at Bob's for 4 years, but never attended your Friday class - for 'obvious' reasons (some of us aren't as committed!). Great class, really enjoyed it, and great to have the blog to refer to. Unfortnately the vids wouldn't open, is that unique to me or is there a tech problem?


Matt Ramon.

Hutch said...

Hi Guro Dave,

Fantastic to have these videos available, more so to be able to train with you and the others in your class again (it seems the new set up is doing me a big favour all round).

Despite training for years at the Academy, I've not done the Lacoste 8,10 or 12 counts before, but I understand the principle, with the 6 count (Heaven-6) as the base, incorporating some of the striking patterns from the 'basic double stick package'.

You mentioned that the 8 count could be done in heaven, standard and earth patterns, as per the 6 count. Can I check my memory?

The 8 count is made up of the first 2 counts from 3 count entry, plus the 2nd two counts from heaven 6.

Am I right that in order to get heaven, standard and earth variants it is the last two strikes that change? So you get -

Heaven - High, Low, High, High

Standard - High, Low, Low, High

Earth - High, Low, Low, Low

I could probably ask you about another dozen questions about 10 and 12 counts...



David Onuma - Combined Fighting Systems said...

Hi Jamie. You are correct in your interpretation. Keep up the good work and see you soon

Janet said...

Hi Guro

Life, the universe and everything seem to have taken over training in the last few months and I've missed it so much but I promise I'm back. But I'm so out of practice. I know I've done these drills on Friday nights but it seems forever ago. These videos are the best - incredibly useful. No excuses for not knowing what we're doing.
It's great to be back and have you as a teacher.

See you soon.
Best wishes