Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Bob Breen academy - Classes - 13.10.09

I taught 2 classes last night which were great fun.

The first was an empty hands class covering boxing basics. We looked at:
  • slipping
  • bob and weave

After practising them in the air, it was then done with a partner. One person simply slipped all jabs and crosses thrown for a defined period then swapped over

The same thing was then done with the bob and weave in response to lead and rear hooks.

Next we combined both by using the slip and bob to avoid jabs, crosses and lead and rear hooks.

We then used a 6 punch combo drill to practice covering punches thrown;

  • jab
  • cross
  • lead head hook
  • rear head hook
  • lead low body hook
  • rear low body hook

After practicing both sides, we added the cover drills to the slip, bob and weave drills to enhance evasion skills

Finally, there was light sparring where the emphasis was to do all of the above whilst hitting your opponent too!!

All of this was done within 'punching range', so as to enhance reaction time and sensitivity.


I then continued with the single sick close range series from Hubud which I started last week.

We practiced the following basics from Hubud:

  • parry parry
  • 1 for 1
  • 2 for 2

We then looked at striking at the same time as parrying hitting on angles;

  • 2 - to the arm
  • 4 - to the rib
  • 10 - to the leg
  • All strikes were of course from right to left

We then looked at why it is you actually parry the stick and then why and how to counter the parry on the high and the low line

Finally, there was Freeplay!!!

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