Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Bob Breen Academy - 20.10.09

Stick Training - Bob Breen Academy - Tuesday 20th October 2009

Another packed class yesterday. Great fun and a good atmosphere. Above is a picture of those who trained and a video summary of some of the stuff we did.

This week, we continued with close range stick training from Hubud, but looked at trapping possibilities. Here is what we did:

  1. 1 for 1 basic from pary parry series

  2. 2 for 2 basic from parry parry series

  3. Using the pak/tapi entry in to angle 2 strike to the head, your partner counters with a centreline parry. You then use your left hand to trap their countering hand and punch them in the mouth with your stick hand like a cross

  4. As above instead of punching them in the mouth, you gunting their left arm with your punio whilst moving to your left

  5. As above except when you punch them in the mouth, you hit them from angle 1 with a hammer type or straight blast punch

  6. Using the same attack entry, your partner counters your strike with an over centreline parry. This time you react with a lap sau type movement (berehon) pulling their parrying hand to your left and then striking them to the face with the centre of your stick OR with the punio.
  7. Finally, following on from no 6, after the strike to the face with the centre of the stick, place your stick on the left facing side of their head, use your left hand and pull them to your left and then put the choke on (see video)

As I explained in class, these drills are to help you with timing for attacks and responses to attacks. They will also help to enhance your sensitivity when determining the correct attack and response. There is no substitute for drilling, becuase even if you are aware the technique exists, if you cannot actually perform it in training it will certainly never materialise in actual combat or sparring.

The video clip should help you to put things into perspective.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment and I will respond ASAP.


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Anonymous said...

A really good summary of the class (words and video) - are they going to be a regular feature?