Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Bob Breen Academy - 27.10.09

Hey Guys

This week we covered the last section for the moment on close range single stick training. There are 2 videos below. The first covers the techniques I taught the main class today whilst the second video covers the techniques I taught the Black Belts

In the main class we concentrated on locks and takedowns with the stick:

1. From the angle one strike with the punio, roll your left arm and underhook their stick arm. Simultaneously you use your stick to attack the eye and then rest your stick on their straight arm bring them to the floor. From there, knee their deltoid with you left leg then use your straight leg to spin their body around

2. From the angle one strike, you cover it in the normal way. You then conduct the lifting movement and move their stick arm to the right side of your body. You then use your left forearm to extend their arm and put them on the floor. Pin them on the floor with your knee

3. As per no 2 but instead you set up the armpit take down with the punch to the head (see video)

4. Here, you set up the V arm lock using your stick. As you pull them into you, you are able to choke them, take them down or use the lever motion to crank them to the floor

Black Belts

In this section we concentrated on timing and how to 'beat' their angle 1 strike with a 4 count counter strike sequence. We also did a similar thing to the angle 2/ backhand strike whereby we countered the strike with your stick, stab them in the stomach and move to the vine disarm.

This needs to be drilled alone and within Hubud to get the timing.

Enjoy guys!


Anonymous said...

Guro David, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to recap the classes in your blog. It's extremely helpful and I thoroughly enjoy attending your sessions, there is soooo much to learn from you!
Thank you.

David Onuma - Combined Fighting Systems said...

It's my pleasure. Thanks for taking the time to let me know