Sunday, 30 September 2012

CFS BJJ Bi Annual Grading - Sunday 25th November 2012

I am now very pleased to confirm that the date has now been fixed for aour next major meeting. This promises to be a big one for a number of reasons and I hope that you will all show your usual support in numbers.

Prof David just won the IBJJF Masters & Seniors Int'l championships in Brazil fot the second time, and as you all know he is a seasoned competitor, excellent  instructor and all round nice guy (except when he's fighting you :) )

He will be in a few days early and will be available for some private classes. Arrangements can be made through me. He will also be teaching a seminar on Saturday 24.11.12 at Mill Hill BJJ so in fact he will be at the same location 2 days in a row.

Please make sure you all have your patches and if you dont have any then see your branch coach/Instructor

Check out his final fight and his display of basic solid BJJ. Osss!

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