Sunday, 30 September 2012

Recent Seminars etc - 22nd and 29th September 2012

On Saturday 22md September I travelled to CFS BJJ Manchester to catch up with the gang. I taught a split 3 hour seminar with the first half purely on MMA based striking and leg defences, and the second half concentrating on no gi guard passing.

As always it was a great pleasure but forgive me as I don't have any pics to post.

On Saturday 29th September I travelled to CFS BJJ Letchwork to coach the guys headed by Black Belt Andy Nugent. We covered guard passing strategies and techniques and also had some time for Q & As.

It was also good to see David Webb from TOKON Academy who joined us and is welcome any time.

Some of the guys were given stripes on their belt, and their full details are on our facebook page

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