Monday, 10 October 2011

Training With the best Grappler of 2011 - Rodolfo Vieira

Following a great training session on 4.10.11 with Mestre Julio Cesar Pereira, 6th Degree Black belt and head of the now famous GF Team, it was time for another great session, but this time with his student, Current weight & absolute World champion, Rodolfo Vieira.

I managed to arrange the session so that he could teach the Thursday evening class (6.10.11) at the home of my good friend Prof Nick 'Sloth' Brooks and my second home, namely Mill Hill BJJ.

What was great is that we managed to keep it quiet so that the students had no idea....until he turned up. Priceless!!!

He taught a session on guard passing, covering 1 simple but very effective pass with 3 variations.

He then sparred with a lucky few, including yours truly and it really was an experience being spanked by the current no 1 ranked BJJ fighter in the World this year. One thing that surprised me most I confess, was how quickly he moved for a big guy. Very slick and very impressive.

Some pics of the crazy crew below :)

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