Monday, 30 August 2010


On Bank holiday Sunday, we gathered together for a day of fun, training, meeting new people and finally formally recognising the progress of some individuals personal BJJ journey.

The CFS BJJ family is a combination of different people and groups both here in the UK and abroad. It is a relatively small group but with a big presence. Apart from the group who train with me directly, we have the group based in Barnet at Gary Hoptroff's academy (Herts Martial Arts) taught by Corey Donoghue, Vitaliano Sestito in Italy, Affiliates Andy Nugent also based in Hertford and Gary Baker/Scramble Academy based in Bournmouth.

Congratulations to all who were promoted in one way or another:

(In no particular order)

Corey 'Doninho' Donoghue - Blue belt 4 stripes
Tim Harding - Blue belt 1 stripe
Steve 'Longrinho' Payne - Blue belt - 1 stripe
Savash Mustafa - Blue belt - 1 stripe
Gary Hoptroff - White belt - 3 stripes
Jay Walker - White belt - 2 stripes
Pad Beillard - White belt - 1 stripe
Mark Kelly - White belt - 1 stripe
Darren Owen - White belt - 1 stripe

And last but not least, congrats to 41 year old MMA fighter Alan Dillon who was promoted to Blue Belt with my blessing by his instructor 1 Stripe Brown Belt Andy Nugent - He did get a whipping.

Apologiies if i have missed anyone out but if i have let me know as it's easily rectified.

A big thank you to my good friend Nick Brooks for allowing us to use his excellent gym

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