Thursday, 4 February 2010

Bob Breen Academy - 2.2.10

Hey Guys

As you know, I explained that there would be no video this week but I would put a write up of what we covered in class. We are still covering Espada Y Daga. We did a quick summary of last weeks techniques which are recorded on last weeks video blog.

This week, we concentrated on the situation where having dealt with the stick strike from Angle 1, the knife attack comes so quickly that we cannot react quickly enough with the stick. In this position, we have no choice but to use our own knife.

From the high stab, we used our own knife to 'ride' over theirs, directing our thrust towards their body. We then smashed the knife hand with our stick.

From the low stab, we drop down with our right forearm (holding the stick) which gives an automatic strike to the face then disarm.

Hope you enjoy training :)

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