Tuesday, 1 December 2009

December BJJ techniques of the month

Hey Guys

This month I have a special XMAS treat for you courtesy of Alan do Nascimento - aka 'Finfou'. I managed to 'twist' his arm whilst training and he agreed to shoot a couple of positions to share with you guys this month.

I have to tell you that he is a real humble, nice and down to earth guy and a really good teacher too.

In this first video, he teaches an omoplata from the spider guard

In the second video, he explains a particular defence to a common guard pass 'attack'. the attack may be common but let me tell you, the defence is not!! In fact it was so good, we shot it twice!

Always feel free to comment :)


TFP said...

Great videos there Malandro, a really cool set up for thew omoplata and WOW! at the second video, a real slick defence!

Meerkatsu said...

Thanks for sharing with us. Nice techniques!

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