Sunday, 6 December 2009

CFS/Hert Martial Arts - Free Xmas Camp - 6.12.09

A great group of guys training earlier today at the HMA annual Xmas camp. Instructor Gary Hoptroff does this every year for his guys with no charge. This year as my way to say thanks, I joined in and taught a few bits and pieces.

Thanks to everyone including Corey, Carl G and Jesus who came along too.

In the clips below, I was teaching a mix of Wing Chun, FMA and JKD concepts agains the jab and cross, looking at angles, posture and positioning

Like everthing learned in life, these tehniques and drills need to be put into perspective, because everything works in the right situation.

Hope you enjoy them!

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Gary Hoptroff said...

A top seminar & thanks to all who came down.

See you all soon, happy Xmas all.