Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Filipino Martial Arts - Curriculum Update - Solo Baston - April 2012

Hey Guys,

I quickly filmed a few striking patterns to update you in relation to the Filipino Martial Arts and the CFS curriculum.

The first pattern consists of 5 strikes - angle one followed by 3 diagonal strikes and ending with the angle one power shot.

The second pattern consists 4 strikes -  a doblete strike on angle one (i.e two strikes on the same angle) followed by angle 2 and again ending in the angle one power shot.

The third and final pattern consists of 4 strikes - a backhand witik (flat of blade/stick) into a backhand upwards strike (from figure 8) then an upwards redondo ending with the power shot.

The first 2 patterns can be used offensively or immediately after you have countered an attack, whilst the last pattern is a counter to an angle 2 attack either with a stick or bladed weapon.


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