Thursday, 29 April 2010

MMA Training - Mill Hill combat & conditioning - 18.4.10

As some of you guys may know, I have a very long association with BJJ Black Belt Nick Brooks and his Academy based in Mill Hill.

I am honoured to be their MMA coach and the journey to success from humble beginnings has begun.

On Sunday 18th we had our first clinic and (as promised) I set out below the things that we covered.

Basic Stance/Posture:

  • For MMA
  • Long range striking
  • Close range striking
  • Wrestling base
  • pros and cons of each
  • Ability to adapt physially and mentally

Basic Footwork:

  • Positioning of the feet - keeping the right distance
  • Directions of movement - left/right/front/back & pad circling
  • single steps/shuffle
  • double steps/shuffle
  • Single complete steps - forward and backwards
  • knee raises/bounces - vertical, outside crush and cross crush

CFS Progression No 1:

  1. jab
  2. double jab
  3. jab, cross
  4. double jab, cross
  5. jab, cross, hook
  6. cross, hook, cross
  7. (slip) hook, cross, hook

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