Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Bi-Annual Grading/Seminar - 25.11.12 - Pics n vids...

Hey Guys,

Once again, thank you for all turning up to what was a fun day but also a very important one.

We welcomed Miad Najafi and Yousuf Nabi, joint Instructors at Element Martial arts in Brighton to our group and they are now officially CFS BJJ  Brighton. Miad has been a friend of mine for nearly 17 years and our martial arts history is connected in so many ways, so it was a pleasure to have him and Yousuf join us.

As we continue to grow from strength to strength our quality improves because of the dedication of you the students and the hard work and passion of the branch instructors who I am proud to be associated with. The quality is reflected in what I see when I visit and what the BJJ community sees when we compete.

Thanks to Darren Owen for being the camera man and as always Corey Donoghue for being my essential right hand man.

The full details of all that were promoted is already on our facebook page and there is also an excellent report by Liam Wandi the part time grappler. For those that got stripes keep up the good work and for those who didn't, your time is coming.......

Intelligent Combat

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