Thursday, 23 February 2012

22.2.12 - HMA anniversary, workshop & Promotion

Last night I had the honour of teaching a one hour BJJ Class at Gary's school which is a fully affiliated CFS centre across the range of Martial arts I teach. The BJJ classes there are taught by my Purple belt Corey 'Doninho' Donoghue.

Following that I taught a 2 hour workshop covering trapping techniques, drills and methodologies drawn from Wing Chun, Jun Fan arts, and the FMA.

Part of the reason for the timing of the workshop was to mark the exact 2 year opening of Herts Martial Arts academy at their current location in Barnet.

There was also some unexpected good news for head Instructor Gary Hoptroff who became only the Fifth person that I have promoted to the level of ASSOCIATE instuctor in the FMA and the Jun Fan arts. He has been training with me consistently for many years now and has just completed 5 years at the Apprentice stage having prior to that been a Trainee.

He is an excellent martial artist devloping steadily and has the respect of his teachers, students and friends alike. I am very proud to play some part in his development. Well done G!!!

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Liam H Wandi said...

Fantastic news. Family growing nicely :)