Tuesday, 29 November 2011


On Sunday 27th November 2011, the CFS BJJ group got together for our Bi-Annual seminar/Grading. It was very well attended by all the groups which included; HQ;Bournemouth, Manchester, Barnet, Chingford & Letchworth.

Guest Instructors included Black Belt Nick Brooks, Black Belt Keith Mckenzie; Strength & Conditioning Guro Andrew Marshall and Brown Belt and no-gi expert Daniel Strauss.

Congratulations to all those whose efforts were rewarded with grades and stripes and the standard of the group as a whole continues to grow steadily.

Current Grades (of those graded):

Andrew Nugent - Brown Belt - 3 stripes
Alan Dillon - Blue Belt 1 stripe
Matt Mcguire - Blue Belt - 3 stripes
Andy Bell - Blue Belt - 3 stripes
Paul Hill - BLUE BELT
Lee Curtis - BLUE BELT
Richard Halliwell - BLUE BELT
Gerald Balk - White Belt - 1 stripe
Charles Balk - White Belt - 2 stripes
Greg Woods - White Belt - 1 stripe
Shareef Essof - White Belt - 4 stripes
Yusef Chaudhri - White Belt - 2 stripes
Gillie Barrett - White belt - 2 stripes
Humza Hussain - White Belt - 2 stripes
Lewis Renney - White Belt - 2 stripes
David Kelly - White Belt - 1 stripe
Stephen Adams - White belt - 4 stripes
Matt Dennis - White Belt - 1 stripe

It really was a pleasure and an honour to see you all and to play a part in the development of your BJJ. We have a really special group which is growing stronger all the time.



The Part Time Grappler said...

Thank you for organising it David. It was an absolute pleasure.

Gary Baker said...

It was a great day looking forward to the next one.

Steve Payne (steve@trodai.co.uk) said...

Really enjoyed the Seminar.
Already looking forward to the next time we all meet up.

TFP said...

Well done to everyone, you're in safe hands with Mr Onuma :)

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