Friday, 1 July 2011

Bournmouth BJJ Open - 18th June 2011

First of all i'd like to congratulate Alex De Souza and his wife/team for putting together a great competition. It was organised well from start to finish, and even with unexpected hiccups, it still finished ONE minute before scheduled at 5.05pm.

As a referee, I witnessed some really good fights and an ever increasing standard of BJJ. There were 7 Blackbelt refs plus the ultra experienced Oli Geddes.

So far as the reffing was concerned I think it would be fair to say that on the whole the standard was good although there were probably one or two errors around the mats made including by me. It's a difficult job and I hope that nobody was disadvantaged as a result. I was disappointed that I had to disqualify a fighter for slamming in the white belt division, even AFTER I had warned him once already, but I guess he'll learn.

I congratulate the team champions Checkmat and also those that took second, third and fourth spot. Great performances by all and it was good to see the various team t shirts & hoodies floating about the place.

The superfights were good and continue to become a much looked forward to feature at BJJ Comps. Marco Canha and Andy Roberts put on a good fight which went the distance. Canha's experience came through but Andy showed why it is he wears a Black belt round his waist, particularly with his dangerous leg attacks.Neto and Luis battled it out, also going the distance. Neto took the early lead and held it, but he too faced very dangerous leg attacks from luis which a lesser man would have given in to.

Finally I'd like to thank my 'young' CFS BJJ team who put their all into their fights against more experienced competitors and their coaches Matt Benyon and Gary Baker who are doing a fine job. Our team came joint 12th out of 39 teams and I am very happy with that.

Team results:

John Beaves - white master - GOLD
Anthony Jayakody - white adult - BRONZE
Bradley Knapp - white adult - SILVER

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