Tuesday, 7 June 2011

CFS BJJ - Manchester Labs - Seminar/Affilliation - 5.6.11

It is with great pleasure following 6 months of training, that I formally announce and confirm that the BJJ program/team at Fighting Fit, Manchester Labs, Manchester are now officially affiliated to me via the CFS BJJ Team.(http://www.fightingfitmartialarts.co.uk/)

The group in Manchester are a great bunch of guys and girls headed by Brown Belt Martyn Cahill who was awarded his Brown Belt in April 2009 by Karl Tanswell. They have been on their own path for quite some time now and I am glad that it eventually led them in my direction.

The team has a strong group of purples and blues as well as white belts and I look forward seeing them go from strenght to strength.

On Sunday 5th June there were some promotions:

  1. Martyn Cahill - Brown Belt - 2 stripes

  2. Liam Wandi - Purple Belt -1 stripe

  3. Graeme Kidd - Purple Belt - 1 stripe

  4. Paul Bodley - Purple Belt - 1 Stripe

  5. Ian Wilson - Blue Belt - 3 stripes

  6. Jay Cahill - Blue Belt - 3 stripes

  7. Jake Cross - Promotion to BLUE BELT

  8. Martin Matiasko - Promotion to BLUE BELT

  9. James Stafford - White Belt - 2 stripes

  10. Neil Kirwan - White Belt - 1 stripe


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Jay Cahill said...

Thanks very much, David. It was a great seminar and I'm looking forward to many more in the future. Jay x