Saturday, 16 March 2013

Video Technique of the month - March 2013 - Prof Mike Fowler

Hey Guys!!

Long overdue video techniques of the month with non other than Prof Mike Fowler. It was an honour to finally get to meet him at the end of last year when he was in london for a photo shoot for Tatami Fightwear. Also present then was foot lock Tsar Dean Lister. Mike has always been someone I admired and had some video instructions he had previously made. He is certainly responsible for some of the techniques and concepts that form part of my game.

The photo shoot took place at London Fight Factory, which is the famous Checkmat gym run by my long time friend and fellow Ricardo Vieira Black belt Liz "Manxinha' Ribiero.

I want to say a big thank you to Prof Mike for being so giving with his knowledge and agreeing to show some techniques for my blog.

"Intelligent Combat"

Thursday, 14 March 2013

News Update - 14.3.13

Hey Guys!!

The timetable of events has been updated. Please have a careful look in case there is something there that you might be able to attend.

I was recently in Brighton for my first seminar there. A great turnout and good training.
Apart from the stripes that were awarded, I congratulate new BLUE BELT Jeaffreson Paterson on his achievement.

The website is well under way and I hope the first version will be live in the next few weeks - Watch this space.

More video techniques to follow shortly.

'Intelligent Combat'

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

IBJJF European Championships 2013 - Lisbon - 24-26th January 2013

Hey Guys!!

Back from a successful trip to the IBJJF European Championships in Lisbon. A great result for our team all round (as reported on our facebook page), with me winning Gold, Anna Mayne at Bown Adult winning Gold and then Silver in the absolute, and Yousuf Nabi winning Silver in Brown Master Leve.

My Current Euro medal tally is as follows:

2008 - GOLD - Purple (middle/senior1) - Gi
2009 - GOLD - Brown (middle/senior2) - Gi
2009 - BRONZE - Brown (Absolute) - Gi
2010 - GOLD - Brown (middle/senior2) - Gi
2012 - BRONZE - Black (middle/senior2) - No gi
2013 - GOLD - Black (middle/senior3) - Gi

Thanks again for all your and videos to follow.....

'Intelligent Combat'

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Mestre De La Riva Mini Documentary - The Evolution of the De La Riva Guard

Hey Guys!

Hope you all having a great xmas so far. Hope this mini documentary about my teacher brings you some more Xmas and new year cheer!!!

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Technique of the Month - December 2012 - Mestre Ricardo De La Riva

Hey Guys,

In celebration of the forthcoming festive season together with my promotion to 1st Degree Black Belt by my teacher Mestre De La Riva, I bring you the December technique of the month.


Monday, 10 December 2012

Master Instructor - Guro Dan Inosanto - 2012

It is a real honour to spend any time at all whatsoever with this extremely unique individual, let alone to have been a student of his on his Instructor program for approximately 13 years.

This man is legend.......